Sleep Apnea: It's More Than Just Snoring

Is loud snoring keeping you and everyone else in your house awake at night? While snoring is a sign of sleep apnea, there’s much more to this potentially dangerous health condition. Learn why you shouldn’t ignore the signs.

Dec 31st, 2019
Does Getting Dental Implants Hurt?

You aren’t crazy for thinking that inserting a metal rod into your jawbone would hurt. But you may be surprised to find out how easy — and relatively painless — dental implant surgery really is.

Nov 1st, 2019
The Many Benefits of All-on-4® Dental Implants

If you’re missing several or all of your teeth, you may think dental implants are out of the question. But the All-on-4® dental implant system is designed for people just like you, and it can restore your smile without multiple procedures.

Aug 2nd, 2019
Learn About our Effective Snore Therapy

Snoring is a noisy problem that may affect others around you, and it can also be a symptom of a potentially harmful sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea. Your dentist is trained to fit you with oral appliances to help you sleep quietly.

Jul 2nd, 2019
What Is Involved in a Smile Makeover?

When you flash your smile, you want it to send the right message — one of confidence and great health. The recipe for that great smile starts with a neat row of pearly whites. Here’s how we can accomplish that.

Apr 2nd, 2019
Get Your Whitest Teeth With our Biolase Laser WhiteningTreatment

If you’re unhappy with the results of your at-home teeth whitening products, it’s no surprise. These whiteners achieve limited results because their strength is a fraction of that our professional chairside option does: Biolase Laser whitening system.

Mar 27th, 2019
Lots of Gain With No Pain: The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

What is laser dentistry and why should you consider it? How about less pain and improved treatment results? Learn more about this innovative technology and the benefits of laser dentistry from the oral health care experts at The Dental Studio.

Jan 7th, 2019