5 Smile Flaws Easily Remedied by Veneers

You want people to remember your smile for the right reasons — not because of your dental flaws! If you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling with problematic teeth, showing off your smile may sometimes be the last thing you want to do. 

At Dental Studios in Summit and Westfield, New Jersey, our experienced dentists understand the embarrassment a flawed smile can bring. Our team not only helps patients attain excellent oral health, but also works with you to improve the appearance of your smile. 

Over the years, we’ve observed that many patients with problematic teeth struggle with more than one kind of dental flaw. That’s why one of the best treatments for improving smiles is versatile and easy dental veneers. Here’s a look at five smile flaws that veneers can easily remedy.

Understanding dental veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells of composite resin or porcelain that cover the front surfaces of your teeth. Because they’re fixed in place and don’t move, you can smile, talk, drink, eat, and laugh without worrying about them moving out of place. 

At Dental Studios, our dentists ensure every veneer you receive perfectly fits each individual tooth by creating a space for each custom veneer to fit. We achieve this by removing a thin layer of your tooth’s enamel and then taking a mold of your teeth. 

Your veneers are created from these molds. The type of material used for your veneers depends on your specific needs. For example, porcelain provides better stain resistance and looks more like natural teeth, but resin veneers require less prep work to your natural teeth. 

Veneers fix common smile flaws

One of the best features of dental veneers is their ability to fix several smile flaws with one simple treatment. For example, if you want to close a gap and whiten your smile, veneers can tackle both issues with one solution. Here’s a closer look at five smile flaws easily remedied by dental veneers.

1. Goodbye, chips and cracks

It’s easy to chip or crack your teeth. All it takes is biting something hard or bumping your teeth, and you end up with embarrassing dental flaws that keep you hiding your smile. With the help of the Dental Studios team and custom veneers, your smile will look whole again! 

2. No more spaces or gaps

Even if you had braces in the past, your teeth still move over time. As you age, your gums recede, making it even easier for spaces or gaps to appear. These flaws can have you hiding your smile and covering your teeth when you laugh with others. Veneers easily cover gaps and spaces between your teeth so they disappear for good

3. A whiter, brighter smile

While professional whitening can do much to brighten your smile, some dental stains reach the deeper layers of your teeth and can’t be erased with the usual whitening treatments. The lab creates your veneers with a customized color to brighten all of your teeth, including those with tough stains.

4. More even, uniform teeth

Not everyone has perfectly even, matched teeth when it comes to size or color. If you grind your teeth, this is especially true because grinding can unevenly wear down your teeth. Veneers can give you an even, more uniform smile.

5. Conceal previous dental work

If you have noticeable fillings or other dental work that keeps you from letting your smile shine, dental veneers can help. By concealing previous dental work and other issues like uneven edges or surfaces, veneers can give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of!

To explore your options with veneers, contact the team at the Dental Studios office nearest you. You can also book an appointment now using our helpful online tool.

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