Are You a Candidate for Same-Day Crowns?

Are You a Candidate for Same-Day Crowns?

Damaged or decaying teeth can be a nuisance to your oral health and your smile. If you’re dealing with this dental problem, dental crowns may be a solution for you. What’s more, you can get your smile back even faster with our same-day dental crown service.

Crowns are prosthetic dental devices, also called “caps,” that are custom-made to fit snuggly and permanently over your natural tooth. This involves making an impression of your tooth and the teeth around it to create a custom crown. This sometimes means a delay in completing your crown procedure while you wait for a lab to create your prosthetic. We also have another, quicker option. 

At Dental Studios in Summit and Westfield, New Jersey, our dental providers are keen to help you get your permanent crown in one day, skipping the traditional two-week waiting period thanks to same-day crowns. Learn more about them here, including how to know if you’re a candidate.

What to know about same-day crowns

Advances in dental technology have resulted in the development of the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) system, giving dental providers the power to create customized crowns in about 50 minutes. Traditional crowns require multiple office visits and a waiting time of up to two weeks.

Some advantages of getting a crown include improving the look and feel of your smile or maintaining the health of your teeth. Additional benefits of crowns are: 

Same-day crowns have the same advantages and general procedure as traditional crowns, with the extra benefit of no waiting time. 

The same-day crown procedure

Your Dental Studios provider removes any dental restorations you already have on your teeth and addresses decay or damage. Then your provider shapes your tooth, preparing it for the crown. 

After your tooth is prepped, your provider applies a non-toxic, tasteless powder and uses a high-resolution digital camera to capture high-quality images of your tooth and surrounding treatment area. 

The system’s 3D-imaging software creates an optical impression of the tooth, which then gets converted into a 3D model our in-office machine can use to make your customized crown in about 50 minutes! 

Once your CEREC crown is ready, your provider preps it, fits it to your tooth, makes any adjustments for fit and comfort, and then cements it in place. You can care for it like you would a normal tooth once adhered so it lasts for years

Candidates for same-day crowns

Most people who are candidates for traditional crowns can take advantage of the same-day CEREC crown procedure. Ideally, you have good dental hygiene and healthy gums. You must have enough intact tooth structure to support the new crown. The Dental Studios team has to treat any cavities or decay before starting restorative procedures. 

The treatment tooth must still have the root and be structurally sound. Candidates for same-day crowns have a combination of structural and cosmetic issues which weaken the tooth, such as: 

There are cases in which your Dental Studios provider may suggest a traditional crown. For example, if your crown needs to be located toward the front of your mouth, same-day results may appear less natural, so lab-manufactured crowns offer a greater variety of tooth shades. 

If the damage extends below the gum line and your crown needs to fit over the whole tooth, you may need a traditional crown. If you grind your teeth, you may break the material used for same-day crowns and need a gold alloy, which cannot be created by CAD/CAM technology. 

If you want to find out if a same-day crown could be for you, the best option is to schedule a consultation with a provider at Dental Studios. Book an appointment online or call the office nearest you today.

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