Are Your Beverages Staining Your Teeth?

Are Your Beverages Staining Your Teeth?

The holiday season is here. With it comes laughter and fun celebrating with family and friends, but some of the drinks you may enjoy as you spread cheer with during the holidays can cause unsightly dental stains. 

At Dental Studios in Summit and Westfield, New Jersey, experienced dentists Daniel Butensky, DMD, Stephen T. Busby, DDS, and Meirrel Hosny, DDS, want to help you keep your teeth as white as possible. We’ve created this helpful guide explaining how some beverages may stain your teeth and how our teeth whitening services can help brighten your smile. 

How can beverages stain my teeth?

It’s important to understand that not all stains are caused by things you consume. You can develop discoloration because of changes below the surface of your tooth, too. These intrinsic dental stains may be triggered by trauma or dental injury, excessive fluoride, and even certain medications.

Much of the time, however, stains develop when a substance discolors the surface of your teeth. Using tobacco products and a buildup of plaque due to poor dental hygiene are common causes of these types of extrinsic dental stains

Certain foods and beverages also stain your teeth. The pigments in some drinks, which scientists refer to as chromogens, stick to the enamel on your teeth. Over time, discoloration and stains result.   

Other beverages are high in acid, which can cause the erosion of the enamel on your teeth. This makes it easier for stains to develop on your teeth, and it can allow the darker, more yellow part of your teeth to show through the thinner enamel. 

Which beverages should I avoid to stay stain-free?

Prevention is always the best medicine, and the same is true for dental stains. If you want to keep your teeth whiter and brighter for as long as possible, here’s a list of the top stain-causing beverages to avoid:

It’s difficult to stay away from all beverages that may cause dental stains — especially during the holiday season, with so many celebratory dinners, parties, and merry-making get-togethers. If you do indulge in any of these beverages, try using a straw to limit their contact with your teeth. 

Also, be sure to brush your teeth as soon as possible once you’re finished drinking. If you can’t get to your toothbrush, try swishing with water to rinse away some of the stain-causing substances. 

What if my teeth are already stained?

If your teeth have stains, don’t worry. The Dental Studios team offers a variety of whitening treatments for stains of all kinds. Your provider evaluates your teeth, discusses your goals, and recommends the best treatment option for your needs. 

To give you an idea of your whitening options, here’s a look at the in-office and at-home treatments we may recommend:  

To give yourself the gift of a whiter, brighter smile this holiday season, call the Dental Studios office most convenient to you, or book an appointment online now.

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