Learn How Veneers Can Instantly Correct Gaps Between Teeth

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Legendary model and actress Lauren Hutton may have starred in countless films, television shows, and high-end fashion campaigns over the course of her decades-long career, but she may be most famous for the small gap between her top front teeth that makes her smile so iconic. 

While Hutton’s beauty, glamour, and confidence may have helped her embrace her tooth gap, plenty of people with the same cosmetic smile feature would simply prefer to conceal it or correct it. 

Fortunately, you no longer have to receive lengthy orthodontic care to eliminate a prominent gap between two teeth. Custom veneers — which are ultra-thin porcelain shells designed to fit over the fronts of your teeth and blend in perfectly with your natural smile — can get the job done in just two office visits. 

Instant orthodontics 

Porcelain veneers are often referred to as “instant orthodontics” because of how quickly and effectively they conceal mild-to-moderate cosmetic dental flaws and transform your smile. 

Made to look just like natural teeth, these thin yet durable porcelain shells fit perfectly over the fronts of your teeth to conceal virtually any bothersome imperfection, including large gaps. In addition to eliminating obvious gaps between teeth, veneers can help hide:

Even if getting rid of a tooth gap is your only cosmetic goal, using veneers to get the job done comes with the added benefits of reinforcing the strength of your teeth and brightening your smile. 

Quick, easy, and effective

If you’re not thrilled at the prospect of having to wear old-fashioned wire-and-bracket braces simply to close an unwanted tooth gap, you’re not alone. Many of the men and women who visit The Dental Studio to discuss their cosmetic options would do anything to avoid having to undergo lengthy orthodontic treatment. 

Luckily, porcelain veneers are a comprehensive solution that can effectively address gaps and other cosmetic concerns and instantly improve your smile. 

How the veneers process works

Like any cosmetic dental treatment, getting veneers starts with a comprehensive consultation and oral exam. Once your dentist at The Dental Studio determines you’re a good candidate for veneers, you can work together to design your smile and choose the right shade of white for your new teeth. 

The procedure itself, which takes place over the course of two visits, is simple, painless, and transformative. 

Step 1

At your first appointment, we lightly buff and etch your enamel to accommodate each veneer and promote a tighter bond between the surface of your teeth and the porcelain restorations. Because we only remove about half a millimeter of enamel, the preparatory process is generally painless and doesn’t require a local anesthetic.  

Then we make an impression of each tooth so a licensed technician can create your custom veneers in a special dental lab. Your prepared teeth are fitted with a temporary veneer to keep them protected while your veneers are being made.   

Step 2

Your second visit takes place a few days later after your veneers have arrived from the lab. After we set them in place to check their fit and ensure you’re happy with the shade of white you selected, we secure each veneer to its respective tooth with a thin layer of dental cement and a special light that helps solidify the bond. 

Beautiful, natural, and durable

The moment your custom veneers are fitted to your teeth and that prominent gap you never liked is gone for good, you’ll finally have the flawless smile you’ve always wanted. And because veneers are sculpted to look like natural teeth and fitted with perfection, people will only notice your smile, not your dental work.  

Veneers have much more to offer than good looks, however — they’re also incredibly strong and durable. In fact, if you brush and floss properly, avoid using your teeth as tools, and see us for routine dental cleanings and exams as recommended, your veneers may last for several decades. 

To find out how veneers can improve your smile, call our nearest office in Summit or Westfield, New Jersey, or use the easy online tool to schedule a consultation with one of our dental specialists. 

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