Why You'll Love Tooth-Colored Fillings

Even the most conscientious person can end up with a cavity now and then. If you need dental work, you may worry about how your smile will be affected by fillings made from unsightly gold or amalgam, the mixture of liquid mercury and metal alloys traditionally used to repair tooth decay.

Fortunately, advancements in dentistry mean you have more options than ever when it comes to the repair and care of your teeth. At Dental Studios in Summit and Westfield, New Jersey, our team puts your oral health first. But we also understand the desire to keep your smile looking its best.

As part of our comprehensive line of dental services, our dentists are proud to offer tooth-colored fillings.

Fillings 101

Dental fillings restore the integrity, functionality, and shape of a tooth affected by dental decay or other damage. Here’s a look at the difference between traditional metal fillings and tooth-colored fillings.

Traditional fillings

In the past, most dentists offered gold fillings or fillings made from a mixture of liquid mercury and other metals, called amalgam fillings. These solutions fill the spaces left by cavity repair, but they’re highly visible when you open your mouth or smile.

In addition, because they’re made of metal and conduct heat and cold differently than your natural teeth, they can make teeth more sensitive to hot and cold beverages and foods. These traditional fillings also require removal of more of your dental enamel to ensure proper fit and placement.   

Tooth-colored fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are made from composite materials, typically a blend of plastic resin and a hard material like glass or quartz. They’re designed to match the shade of your natural teeth, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with your smile.

Because these composite materials aren’t made from metal, they don’t affect the sensitivity of your teeth to the degree that traditional fillings do. You don’t have to worry about giving up your favorite hot or cold beverages!

Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, composite fillings don’t contain any mercury, a metal that’s been linked to toxicity and ongoing health concerns. You can rest easy with tooth-colored fillings knowing they’re free from toxic elements. 

Composite fillings are made from durable material designed to last for years. Another reason to love tooth-colored fillings is that once your tooth is prepped, they’re faster to place than traditional fillings. They bond to your tooth and harden under a special curing light.

Am I a candidate for tooth-colored fillings?

Your provider at Dental Studios evaluates your affected tooth and oral health history before recommending any treatment plan. Tooth-colored fillings work best on small to midsize cavities and in places that are highly visible when your smile or talk, like your front teeth. 

These fillings also work well in areas that receive moderate pressure when you bite or chew foods. Your dentist discusses your options with you to determine the right fillings for your needs. 

Learn more about why you’ll love tooth-colored fillings by speaking to an expert at Dental Studios today. Contact our team by calling the New Jersey office nearest you, or book an appointment online at your convenience.

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