According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, over 100 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed in the United States every day. One person will die every hour of every day from the disease! Smoking is a major risk factor, however, alcohol, sun exposure, diet, and human papilloma virus (HPV) type 16 are also associated with this disease.

Like most cancers, early detection is crucial for successful treatment. The survival rate for oral cancer when detected early is 80 to 90%. In its early stages, oral cancer can be painless and go unnoticed by the patient. The dentist however, can actually feel or see the tissue changes in the mouth that can be the cancer at its earliest stage.

Oral cancer screenings take a few minutes are routinely done at every dental check up and cleaning appointment. Along with the oral cancer exam, patient education and awareness of the disease is just as important. From time to time, do a visual exam of your mouth. Look for any changes in color and texture of the tissue. Look for lumps, bumps or growths. If you see anything that concerns you, please call us to schedule an appointment. Remember also that any sore or discoloration in the mouth that does not heal within 14 days should be checked by your dentist.

So step into spring with a healthy mouth; call the office today to schedule your cleaning, check-up and free oral cancer screening. We look forward to seeing you!!!

Sources: www.oralcancerfoundation.org

The above information is for general educational purposes only and does not constitute health or medical advice. Consult a qualified dentist/medical doctor to determine an individualized treatment plan.

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