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When the question is often asked, “who is the best dentist in New Jersey?” the answer comes back as Dr. David Dersh of Westfield.

What makes a dentist the best dentist in New Jersey?

A number of factors, from deeply caring about patients to an extraordinary range of office hours to the latest dental techniques to a family-friendly office which has something to offer for everyone, from the youngest guests to elderly patients, too. Perhaps it’s the special care provided for elderly or homebound patients who can’t visit the office, but receive special, in-home care because the oral health of those patients is every bit important as all other patients.

What else makes a dentist the best dentist in New Jersey?

Offering a wide variety of services beyond cleaning and filling teeth, such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, hygiene treatments, tooth whitening, and even alternative therapies. Dr. David Dersh is the best dentist in New Jersey because he has a complete-care office, and a staff totally focused on patient comfort in a calm, cool, collected and friendly environment.

If you’re going to be the best dentist in New Jersey, you have to take the many steps Dr. Dersh has taken to provide a positive, invigorating experience when you have a check-up or any type of dental work performed.

Just entering the waiting room automatically brings you into a warm, friendly environment. No bright colors, no institutional furniture – but, pleasant surroundings as if you were in the comfort of someone’s home. A television is in the waiting room for those not wishing to read, and each treatment room has its own television every patient can see from the chair, too. You choose the channel; you keep up with the latest breaking news or a favorite show.

It’s not hard to find the best dentist in New Jersey – just visit the inviting and friendly practice of Dr. David Dersh in Westfield, and you’ve found the best dentist in New Jersey.

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