Children often aren’t happy about going to see a dentist. Mostly, this is because so much about dentists and what we do is unknown to children, and they are frightened of the unknown. Plus, in popular culture, dentists are often portrayed as non-endearing characters on television and in movies.

Adults know dentists are caring people concerned about our patients’ oral health as it relates to your overall health. When you settle in with your own dentist and get to know him or her and the staff, a visit to a dentist doesn’t have to be a an unpleasant experience, especially for children.

Creating a good relationship between a dentist and a young patient often starts at home. Parents can present the dentist in a positive light, and let children know the dentist is here to help, not hurt. There are a number of good books and videos for children in the marketplace about what to expect when visiting the dentist. Advance knowledge leads to positive – not negative – expectations, and often erases fear of the unknown.

You may choose to make a brief complimentary appointment to visit our office prior to your child’s first “official” visit. We will gladly show them around our office and acquaint them with our staff, so their first time in the chair will be with some familiarity.

Our office is a friendly place for children (and, adults, too) with a television in the waiting area, television in each treatment room, a video game console for older children, and toys for younger guests. We want the entire experience of being our patient to be happy and positive.

Keep in mind today’s dental tools are highly advanced beyond what was found even 20 years ago. We make every effort for everything we do to be as easy and pain-free as possible. We know there may be some discomfort, but we work hard to minimize that at every opportunity.

Good dental health begun as children will literally last a lifetime, and provide a smile which will never quit. Money invested today in a child’s dental health will pay off for the rest of their lives through the elimination of any type of dentures or other replacement teeth because of a well-maintained set of natural teeth. Always, our goal is speed, comfort, and, above all, good health. We work hard to help you maintain your wonderful, natural smile, whether you are our youngest or oldest patient.

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