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They are called “dental implants,” but, really, they are more like new teeth. Dental implants neatly replace missing teeth, and help restore your beautiful smile.

Dental implants – which can be placed in an hour, but last a lifetime – look to the world like real teeth. Dental implants are precision matched to the missing tooth, and completely function like real teeth. With proper dental hygiene, they easily last a lifetime. Once you have them, you can almost forget about them because they are so life-like.

Dental implants prevent bone loss and gum recession, which often accompany older-style bridgework and dentures. When dental implants are snugly attached and become a permanent part of your smile, they work just like teeth. When the implant is being manufactured, the coloring of the implant is customized to match your teeth perfectly, so there is no visible distinction between a dental implant and a natural tooth.

Wondering what a dental implant feels like? The same thing as a tooth – you can’t tell the difference, other than in the improvement to your beautiful smile.

If you’re worried about what you can eat and drink with dental implants, well, there is no worry. Dental implants are not only tough, they are stronger than most bridgework and dentures, and anything from your favorite type of fresh apple or pear picked from a tree to any crunchy food can be on your personal menu.

Like most modern dental work, implants are made to look and feel natural, and your smile or open mouth when you laugh only shows what appears to be natural teeth – there are no telltale signs of metal or dental work. Dental implants are safe, easy, and attractive, and help you close unsightly gaps in your teeth.

You have a wonderful smile which shouldn’t be hidden away because of missing or broken teeth. Dental implants are today’s modern solution for many people for creating a beautiful smile and an easy laugh because you won’t be shy about opening your mouth anymore.

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