G. spends his days caring for others. He is a self-employed caregiver for a local gentleman, working 12 hour days. G. sends most of the money that he earns as a caregiver, home to support his family in the hopes of bringing them here one day to join him.

C. is a patient of the Dental Studio of Westfield, Dr. Daniel Butensky, and Dr. David Dersh. She received our letter recently asking for referrals of patients who may need dental work but cannot afford it. C. immediately thought of G. who had been suffering from broken and painful teeth for quite a while.

G. was seen in our office for an exam, cleaning, and X-rays. Dr. Butensky developed a treatment plan that would not only take care of his pain and missing teeth but also the cavities and his appearance. Several teeth were extracted, he had a partial made and will be having his cavities taken care of in the fall.

G. called his mother back home in and she was so moved that a dentist would do this work for her son, she was brought her to tears. C.as well was overjoyed that Dr. Butensky would provide this treatment for free.

Dr. Butensky purchased Dr. Dersh’s dental practice in July of 2017. He is very grateful to the patients who have welcomed him to the office and wants to give back to the community. This program will select a few patients a year and provide them with complimentary dental care.
“I really just want to help people”, he said.

Dental health and overall physical health go hand in hand. Research has linked oral health, particularly gum disease, to several chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
If you are in need of a dentist, please give us a call. We are welcoming new patients and we work with most dental plans. The Dental Studio has 2 locations; 263 Walnut Street in Westfield, 908-232-8455 and 797 Springfield Ave in Summit, 908-273-1525.

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