Dr David Dersh Today’s dental practice is very different from even 25 year ago.

We’re not your parents’ dentist. Things have changed in dentist offices in the past few years, and all of the changes have been made to make your visit to the dentist a pleasant experience.

When you walk into our waiting room, you enter a warm, friendly environment. No harsh colors, no institutional furniture. Just pleasant surroundings, as if you were in someone’s home. We have a television in our waiting room for those who choose not to read. And, each treatment room also has a television you can see from the chair, so you can keep up with the latest storylines or breaking news. You choose the channel.

For children, we have a video game console for older children, and toys for the younger ones. There is something for everyone.

Our equipment and dental tools are a result of the latest technologies and sophisticated dental techniques. We constantly keep abreast of the latest changes and improvements which help make you more comfortable.

Many improvements have been made in offerings to make you at ease in the chair. The latest techniques and any necessary drugs are used to help deflect any minimal discomfort you may feel during a procedure.

Our office provides oral care beyond cleaning and filling teeth. We offer a full array of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, hygiene treatments, tooth whitening, and even alternative therapies. We are a complete-care office.

Today’s dental insurance differs dramatically from medical insurance plans. Over the past two to three decades, the benefits have not changed, but the dental insurance premium costs have gone up dramatically. We have chosen not to accept any type of dental insurance as payment to our office. As a result, we keep our fees as reasonable as possible, and simultaneously assist you in filling out dental insurance forms which you may submit directly to your insurance carrier for reimbursement to you of our fees. This arrangement helps us keep our fees as low as possible, while maintaining the highest possible level of care in our practice.

We are happily today’s dentist, providing a high level of quality care in a calm, cool, collected and friendly environment. If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask; we’re always available to help you understand how to create and keep excellent oral health.

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