What makes a family different? Is it the deep level of understanding? Is it the unspoken love, friendship and respect? Maybe it is the way that family members are able to work side by side as a strong team, helping each other succeed in whatever the task at hand is. We think of ourselves as a family, and as a family are well-suited to meet the needs of your family.

We put your happiness and comfort first, providing you with every amenity we can think of to help every parent, child, sibling and friend have the best experience possible in our office.

The Family that Smiles Together

A smile is something the whole family should be able to enjoy. Children long for the approving smiles of their parents, while adults feel their entire heart grow warm with the charming smile of an innocent and loving child. A smile is an extension of your happiness. It projects positive feelings and a good attitude, encouraging others around you to feel good thanks to the warm smile you shared with them.

There are millions of reasons to smile. A happy memory, a delightful treat, a sunny day—each of these can bring you a special and personal reason to smile. However, having a healthy and happy smile can encourage this display of happiness even more.

There are steps you can take to encourage healthy smiles for every member of your family. This includes taking steps like:

  • Brushing teeth multiple times a day
  • Using preventative dental health methods like floss and mouth wash
  • Scheduling regular check-ups with your dental physician

There is a big chance that for many members of your family the dentist isn’t the most favorite destination. Encouraging your family to stay up to date with dental care can become a challenge for this reason. We make it our effort to reduce the discomfort and distaste associated with the dentist by instilling a family-centered atmosphere into our practice. From the moment you step into our office we hope that you and your children will feel easily at home.

We do this by providing each of our patients with additional resources like massage chairs, coffee and tea, and video games and other toys for children of all ages to enjoy.

From our family to yours, we wish you all the happiest memories and the healthiest teeth, all filled with lots of magnificent smiles.

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