What Are Dental Crowns and Why Would I Need Them?

Chances are you’ve heard someone talk about getting a crown, or “dental cap,” as they’re sometimes called. But if you’re like millions of Americans, you may not know exactly what a crown is or why you might need one.

From improving the appearance of your smile to protecting teeth that are cracked or chipped and saving severely damaged teeth, dental crowns serve many purposes. The professional dental team at Dental Studios in Summit and Westfield, New Jersey, has curated this guide to help you better understand dental crowns.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns, or caps, are tooth-shaped prosthetics custom-designed to fit over your natural tooth comfortably and permanently. These small caps are held in place with dental cement and can be made from a variety of materials, including:

The material used depends on the reason you need a crown. Your Dental Studios provider reviews your needs and discusses the right type of crown for your oral health concerns. 

One of the best things about dental crowns is that once they’re fixed in place, you can chew, talk, and smile without worry. Plus upkeep is a snap! Simply brush and floss your teeth normally and maintain your regular dental cleanings and exams.

Why would I need a dental crown?

Patients need dental crowns for many different reasons. We recommend crowns to improve the look and feel of your smile or to help you preserve your natural teeth.

Saving your teeth

Keeping your natural teeth is always preferred, but if a tooth has suffered excessive damage from decay or trauma, it can be challenging or even harmful to keep the tooth in place. 

Dental crowns offer a solution because they strengthen damaged or decayed teeth weakened by large fillings or an injury. With crowns, you get the best of both worlds: retaining the healthy part of your tooth and its root while covering the damaged section in a custom-made crown.

Improved oral health

Damaged teeth make it easy for cavity-causing bacteria to accumulate. Dental crowns help keep bacteria out of these compromised areas. 

Crowns also protect the integrity of your oral health after a root canal. Placing a crown over your natural tooth following a root canal offers the best protection available, as crowns are made from inorganic materials and aren’t vulnerable to tooth decay.

Better overall functionality

More than half of American adults have lost one tooth, and millions have lost more than one. When you’re missing a tooth, it can affect the health of your other teeth because your teeth and gums work together. 

Crowns provide a way to keep your teeth functioning better — as long as you practice good oral hygiene, like regular flossing and brushing. Your provider may recommend dental implants, which function, feel, and look like your natural teeth thanks to the attached dental crown.

A more beautiful smile

Sometimes dental crowns solve aesthetic issues. Your Dental Studios provider can correct misalignment and crooked or misshapen teeth and even brighten your smile with dental crowns. 

Often, dental veneers are the go-to choice for these types of corrections. But veneers only cover the front surface of your tooth. For aesthetic issues that involve the entire tooth, the best option may be a dental crown, which fully encapsulates your natural tooth. 

What is it like to get a dental crown?

Getting a dental crown typically involves two or three visits to Dental Studios. The initial visit involves an assessment of your affected tooth or teeth, including dental X-rays. 

At the next appointment, your dentist prepares your natural tooth for a crown by first numbing the affected tooth and surrounding gums then shaping the tooth so the crown will fit securely and comfortably. 

We take an impression of the prepared tooth and surrounding teeth so the lab can custom design a crown for you. You get a temporary crown to protect the tooth until your permanent crown is ready. 

When your permanent crown arrives, you return to the office for your final crown appointment. During this visit, your provider cements it in place and makes any adjustments needed for fit and bite comfort.    

If you need a dental crown, trust the expert team at Dental Studios. Contact us today by calling the office nearest you, or book an appointment online now.

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