Emergency Dentistry

Severe mouth pain, knocked-out teeth, or an abscessed tooth are all emergency situations that should have you headed to an emergency dentist immediately. Dr. Daniel Butensky and the dental experts at the Dental Studios in Summit and Westfield, New Jersey are ready to serve the emergency dental needs of your entire family. If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, don’t wait. Call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online.

What do emergency dentists do?

Emergency dentists treat oral injuries and pain that need to be fixed or addressed immediately. Dental emergencies are typically any situation in which you need to save a broken or knocked-out tooth. Visiting one of the Dental Studios’ convenient locations in Summit and Westfield within half an hour of your mouth or tooth injury gives you the best chance to save your tooth.

When should I call an emergency dentist?

If you’re worried about a severe mouth injury you or a family member has sustained, it’s the right time to call an emergency dentist. Immediate treatment calls for immediate action. These types of situations are generally considered dental emergencies:

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • A loose permanent tooth
  • Severe tooth or mouth pain
  • Bleeding inside your mouth from your gums, cheeks, or tongue
  • Trauma to your mouth or face
  • Uncomfortable swelling in your mouth, gums, or tongue
  • A severely cracked or broken tooth
  • A laceration or tear on your lips

You may not be dealing with a dental emergency if you chip a tooth but it doesn’t appear as if you’ll lose the tooth entirely. With that said, don’t hesitate to speak with one of the Dental Studios’ experienced dentists. They’ll explain how to handle your tooth until you can visit the office.

What do I do with a knocked-out tooth?

Act quickly, and there’s a good chance you can save a knocked-out tooth. If you don’t receive immediate dental care, there’s a chance you’ll lose the tooth. Promptly clean your mouth and the injured tooth, especially if it’s fallen out and gotten dirty. Rinse your mouth and tooth with warm water, being careful not to touch the tooth by the roots.

Gently handle the tooth by the crown (top) as you rinse it. If it’s possible, place the tooth back in your mouth and into the gum where it was knocked out. Bite down softly on a gauze pad to hold the tooth in place until you can get to the Dental Studios. Call the office right away, or have someone call for you who can explain the situation.

What should you do if you can’t put the tooth back in your mouth? The goal is to keep the tooth moist at all times. Put it in a cup of milk or in your mouth next to your cheek to help preserve it until you arrive at the dental office. In the event of a dental emergency, call the Dental Studios for expert assistance.

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