Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you need to fill a cavity, but you recoil at the thought of a shiny gold or amalgam filling, reach out to Dental Studios, with locations in Summit and Westfield, New Jersey, to learn about tooth-colored fillings. Led by Drs. Daniel Butensky and Richard Procopio, the practice offers safe, durable, and natural-looking tooth-colored fillings in place of traditional fillings. For fillings that not only promote your tooth health but enhance your smile, book an appointment with Dental Studios online or over the phone today.

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings are just what they sound like — fillings that match the shade of your teeth. Tooth-colored fillings are a modern alternative to traditional fillings made of materials like gold or amalgam. 

Tooth-colored fillings fill cavities and work particularly well in small to mid-sized cavities or teeth that receive moderate pressure from chewing.  

Because they offer a natural look, tooth-colored fillings are ideal for your front teeth, where the appearance of traditional fillings would be more obvious. However, you can request tooth-colored fillings for any of your teeth.

What is in a tooth colored filling?

Dental Studios uses composite fillings, which are made from a blend of plastic resin and glass or quartz. 

In addition to its ability to perfectly match the color of your natural teeth, this special blend offers you numerous advantages over other types of fillings. For example, unlike amalgam fillings, tooth colored fillings contain absolutely no mercury.

In addition, teeth filled with composite fillings are less sensitive to temperature changes than teeth filled with amalgam fillings. They also don’t require that you remove as much tooth enamel to place them. 

Finally, tooth colored fillings are durable. Their strength is similar to that of your natural teeth, and they typically last at least five years, if not longer.

How do I get tooth colored fillings?

The process of receiving tooth colored fillings is quicker than receiving traditional fillings. After your Dental Studios team determines that tooth-colored fillings are right for you, they begin your procedure by choosing the best filling shade for your teeth.

Then, they clean out your cavity and remove every bit of decay. Once your cavity is spotless, your team applies the filling in layers. They bond the filling directly to your natural teeth, and harden each layer using a curing light. 

After your team has applied and hardened the final layer of filling, they shape it so it blends seamlessly with your tooth. Finally, it is polished. 

To keep your teeth healthy and your tooth colored fillings viable for as long as possible, brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day.

If you need to fill a cavity, find out if natural-looking tooth colored fillings are right for you. To book your consultation with the experts at Dental Studios, call or use the online book tool today.

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