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5 Problems That Veneers Correct

Your smile is one of the first things people see — but If you’re struggling with a tooth imperfection, smiling is probably one of the last things you feel like doing. At Dental Studios in Summit and Westfield, New Jersey, our dentists have an innovative solution: veneers.

These thin porcelain or resin shells cover the outside surfaces of your teeth. And because they’re custom made to blend in with your surrounding teeth, they provide a discreet way to address many dental problems.

Your provider creates a space on the front of each tooth, so the veneer sits perfectly in your mouth. The result is a natural-looking smile with even, well-shaped pearly whites. Here are five dental issues veneers can correct beautifully.

1. Gaps between teeth

Over time, your teeth move as your gums start to recede with age. This means that even if you had braces in your younger years, you can still develop gaps and spaces between your teeth. Veneers provide a permanent solution to cover and hide gaps — and they’re much faster than alternatives, like clear orthodontic aligners

2. Chips and cracks

Even if you brush and floss regularly and never miss a dental checkup, you can still face embarrassing cosmetic problems with your smile if you chip or crack a tooth. Unfortunately, chips and cracks aren’t difficult to get — simply biting something the wrong way or bumping your teeth on a hard surface can create these unsightly flaws. 

Dental veneers fix the problem right away and also strengthen and protect your tooth. 

3. Dental discoloration

If you’re frustrated by stained or yellowing teeth, teeth whitening can be a great option for brightening your smile. But not all stains respond to traditional teeth whitening. For example, staining that penetrates into the deeper layers of your teeth or discoloration due to medication can’t be bleached. Veneers give you an instantly brighter smile, no matter what type of discoloration you have. 

4. Unevenly sized teeth

Some people struggle with a tooth or two (or more) that aren’t an even match in shape or size to the rest of their teeth. This is especially true for people with bruxism, or teeth grinding. Dental veneers offer a way to balance out your smile for a uniform look.

5. Unsightly dental work

Are you frustrated by noticeable dental work that detracts from your smile, such as a large filling on a front-facing tooth or an unsightly crown? The team at Dental Studios can use dental veneers to conceal previous dental work and restore your grin. 

Veneers can correct many dental problems and are easy to care for, so you can keep your beautiful smile for years to come. Learn what dental veneers can do for your smile by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone with a provider at Dental Studios in Summit or Westfield, New Jersey.

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