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What Can I Do About Yellow Teeth?

Are you tired of looking in the mirror or at selfies and seeing discolored or yellow teeth? At Dental Studios in Summit and Westfield, New Jersey, we can help restore your confidence and give you a pearly white smile with our professional teeth whitening solutions. 

Our dental team knows you have many choices when it comes to brightening your smile. From toothpastes and teeth whitening kits that you can get over the counter to in-office or take-home professional treatments, the many options can make knowing what’s best for you a challenge. Here, we explain the different whitening options so you can determine what might be best for you. 

Brighten teeth quickly with laser whitening

Our favorite way to brighten teeth is with the state-of-the-art laser whitening treatment system available at our Dental Studios office. This professional whitening system only takes about an hour, but it can make your teeth up to eight shades whiter after just one visit.

If the term “laser whitening” has you worried, we can assure you that the treatment doesn’t hurt — your provider also covers your lips and gums to keep them safe — and the process is easy.

Your provider fills dental trays with a gel form of hydrogen peroxide and fits them to your upper and lower teeth. The laser light then activates the hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth and give you the smile you’ve been hoping for. 

Whiten at home with Opalescence Go™ 

For patients who would rather whiten their teeth at home gradually over several weeks, the Dental Studios team recommends Opalescence Go. This safe and effective treatment involves take-home, disposable whitening trays and a special professional-grade whitening solution that’s superior to over-the-counter options. 

The solution is safe to use and won’t hurt your teeth or your gums. It can, however, increase your tooth sensitivity. If this happens, talk to your Dental Studios provider about solutions, like a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. 

Fix more than one imperfection with veneers

If you have cracks, chips, stains, gaps, or differently sized teeth you’d like to correct in addition to addressing your yellow teeth, dental veneers can be an excellent way to improve your smile. These porcelain shells bond to the fronts of your teeth to correct multiple smile imperfections at once. 

Your provider may also recommend veneers if you aren’t a good candidate for our other whitening options. Veneers are customizable, so you can work with your Dental Studios provider to choose the best shade of white to meet your whitening goals. 

Learn what’s best for you

You don’t have to live with yellow teeth. Our providers offer personalized evaluations of your gums and teeth to help you decide on the best whitening option. 

Say goodbye to yellow teeth and hello to a confident smile by contacting the experts at Dental Studios. Call the office nearest you to schedule an evaluation, or book an appointment online.

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